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S.O.D.POWER LOOMS (Munir Industries)

Opp-Railway Crossing, Mahndi Muhallah Jhumra Road Faisalabad, Pakistan
Faisalabad, Punjab

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About S.O.D.POWER LOOMS (Munir Industries)

Description S.O.D ® POWER LOOMS TRADE MARK #134082 • Top quality • More economical • Higher production Manufacturer: Munir Industries ® since 1980 Opp- Railway Crossing, Mahndi Muhallah Jhumra Road Faisalabad Pakistan. Tel: +92-41-8754515, 8754516 Cell: +92-321-7981500 ,+92-300+7981500 SPECIFICATIONS • Reed space 56” (1422 mm) • Handle Left hand only • Shuttle 390 mm long, 46 mm wide • Bobbin 190 mm long, with 3 rings • Power required Electric motor ¾ to 1.H.P (950 R.P.M) • Loom Speed R.P.M 160 to 180 R.M.P • Loom Weight (kg) 1050 Kg. Aprox. • Warp Stop Motion. Mechanical with 4 line dropper bars. Reed Space: 52”, 56”, 60” 64”, 67” Drope Box: • 1x1 (Single Shuttle Loom) • 2x1 (Two Shuttle Loom) • 2x2 (Three Shuttle Loom) • 4x1 (Four Shuttle Loom) • 4x4(Seven Shuttle Loom) I. Handle: Right Hand II. Shuttle: 360 mm Long 35 mm Wide III. Bobbin: 150mm long Spindle Type IV. Power: ¾ H.P (R.P.M) V. Loom Speed: 80 to 100 R.P.M Variable VI. Loom Weight: According to Quality VII. Loom Weight: 1350 Kg. Approx. PLAIN COTTON POWER LOOM Specifications a. Reed Space: 150” (2667 mm) b. Handle: Left Hand Only c. Shuttle: 410-430 mm Long, 46 mm Wide d. Bobbin: 210mm Long, with 3 Ring e. Power Requried: Electirc Motor 1.H.P (720 R.M.P) f. Loom Speed R.P.M: 110 to 120 R.M.P g. Loom Weight (kg.): 1750 Kg. Approx h. Warp Stop Motion: Mechanical With 4 line Dropper Bars ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED WITH PLAIN LOOM Ex-Factory Condition Warp beam with flanges, Cloth Roller, Side Levers, Picking Stick, Temple Box. (For Cotton Loom Only) ACCESSORIES Not SUPPLIED WITH PLAIN LOOM Moter, Motor Pully, Starter, V-belt, Dropper, Heald Frame, Heald Wire, Reed, Shuttle, Bobbin, Temple Roller, Picker, Buffers, Warp Stop Motion, Etc. Additional Facility Jacguard & Dobby device coan also be attached additionally wihich makes weaving attractive new types of Fabrics. Export Quality S.O.D Power Looms is a Well Know name in Pakistan and the plateform of the textile world. Its export quality is appreciate in the World. Impressum S.O.D Power Looms (Trade Mark# 134082) Looms with many unique Loom Mechanisms are enjoying popularity at many mills not only in Pakistan but also other under developing countries like Bangladesh, Siri lanka, Afghanistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria

Mian Munir
Director (Munir Industries)


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9:00 am-8:00 pm
9:00 am-8:00 pm
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9:00 am-5:00 pm
9:00 am-8:00 pm
9:00 am-8:00 pm

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